Firefly Fine Wines and Ales

2013 – 2017

Firefly Fine Wines and Ales

Social Media
Social Advertising


Firefly Fine Wines and Ales wanted to increase their brand awareness and sales generated via online channels.



Indaba developed and executed a social media strategy that included:

  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for their two locations
  • Development and execution of campaign based and email marketing promotions to drive online and offline sales
  • Development and execution of all digital marketing strategies



Within the first 6-months of launching the campaign, we achieved the following results:

  • Increase followers by over 2,000%
  • Increased engaged user by over 800%
  • Took Firefly Fine Wines and Ales social presence to last in the space within Vancouver to first in terms of followers and engagement
  • Increased traffic to their website from social media by over 1,200%