Thought Leadership: Managing Your Personal Brand Online

24 October 2016

In a digital age where everything is available at the touch of a button, where we confer with Google on the best restaurants to eat, drink, or people watch at, establishing an impactful digital presence for your personal brand, one that that is indicative of who you are and what you represent, is imperative.


Gone are the days of searching through the Yellow Pages for brands. Your consumers rely on their peers, word of mouth, and most of all, the internet to search out and discover new brands they can align with. And when your future customers, employees, and media channels are looking for someone to verify online, what Google has to say matters!


Thought leadership doesn’t happen overnight; it takes bold moves and commitment to creating engaging content that emulates your story. The best thought leaders continuously build their brand through stories that tell their audience who they are and what they stand for, giving life to their value across a wired terrain of paid, owned, and earned channels.


Establishing trust and credibility through a variety of mediums allows you to imprint your digital legacy. What you say and where you choose to say it requires a clear strategy and defined set of objectives. The right agency knows that the key to empowering your audience is through crafting your unique voice to influence your audience. This not only helps position yourself as an industry thought leader, it supports the branding goals of your organization.


Sound like a lot of work? It is. But guess what? We do that!


Below are just a few of the key areas we focus on for Thought Leadership Campaigns




No matter what Taylor Swift says, style as way more than a James Dean, daydream look in your eyes.


Style is your personal brand guidelines and tone is your “attitude”, how you use your voice. Together, they not only create your story, they set the feel for it, telling your story and emulating your expertise.


For instance, the style of a piece of content tells the reader a great deal about what they’re consuming, long before the topic of the material is even clear. When you’re telling your story, you’re building deep and authentic relationships with your audience while positioning yourself in unique ways to differentiate yourself from others.



woman working on laptop while holding coffee

We identify people as a subject’s authority when they demonstrate the lifestyle and professional accomplishment that comes with being an expert in the field. However, even if you have credible authenticity, your audience won’t react with your content if it isn’t compelling.


A true thought leader must have a platform for broadcasting their thoughts and opinions; fluid and shareable content that is interactive. It should evoke a response and have the best, most informative answers to questions, as well as establish you as a mover and shaker, an innovator that is a force to be reckoned with. If you want people to read your content, give them a reason. Demonstrate your authority and back up your leadership with tangible value, enough so that you win the internet every day.



CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - JANUARY 02, 2015: All of popular social media icons on smartphone device screen with hand holding on Apple iPhone 6.

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – JANUARY 02, 2015: All of popular social media icons on smartphone device screen with hand holding on Apple iPhone 6.

When branding yourself online, it is critical to have an active and engaging presence through multiple channels, such as blogging and important social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


It’s also important to know your audience and what will work best for your content. Dog-filtered Snaps of your day to day at your fintech startup? Maybe not. Dog-filtered Snaps of your day to day at your innovative Dog Pub? Yes, please (and where are you located? Never mind, there’s no time for that, we’ll find you).


Find your most effective channels to execute your digital strategy and stay active, engaged, and consistent at contributing content on a regular basis, sharing your insights, and commenting on the content shared by other leaders in your industry.




Ron Burgundy said it best: “People know me. I have many leather bound books.” When you’re a big deal, people listen to what you have to say. You’re a recognizable voice. Your influence carries weight and you demonstrate expertise on a topic that your audience cares about.


If you’ve put in the hard work and have the track record to prove it, then you’ll have no problem stepping on a pedestal and answering the questions of “how did you get there?”.


With that in mind, what does one do when they’re knowledgeable and have an apartment that smells of rich mahogany? By leveraging your expertise through different avenues to influence your audience, such as speaking at conferences, public speaking engagements, networking and mentoring series. Events that establish yourself as a Thought Leader. Just remember: no one will care you’re a big deal unless you have something interesting to say.


Ensuring compelling content with an original angle is where we make sure you’re going to shine. We deliver the whole package: content creation that evokes your personal brand, identifying the right channels and amplifies your influence, basically, everything that makes you awesome so you can get back to finding out where that Dog Pub is (because: priorities).